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Created 15-Aug-22

While today’s world frequently places barriers between us and nature, for our predecessors in Biblical times the encounter with nature was very real and direct, an integral part of everyday life. The narratives of the Torah reflect that reality and abound with references to the animal kingdom as well as other features of the natural world.

By experiencing what these verses refer to, first-hand and in the flesh, not only do we open up a window to life in Biblical times, but we are also able to unlock much of the beauty, meaning and symbolism embedded within Scripture, Midrash and Talmud. We also gain a deeper appreciation for the land of Israel, whose flora, fauna and landscapes served as the inspirational backdrop for so much of the Biblical narrative.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History takes you beyond the text, beyond the classroom, offering an interactive, hands-on experience of the natural world of the Bible, in order to make the Biblical texts and Torah tradition come alive. The Museum collection, which includes both live and non-live (taxidermy) exhibits, explained in colorful detail via our personal guided tours, provides an educational encounter that is designed to inspire and educate visitors young and old.

The Biblical Museum of Natural History was established in Beit Shemesh in 2014, and moved to its new home in Har Tuv in 2020. It is the brainchild of Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin, resulting from his lifelong passion for the animal kingdom, and decades of study and teaching about Biblical natural history.
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