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Created 14-Dec-13

Ateret, founded in 1981, is situated on a hill 760 m high in the Shomron hills 40 km NW of Jerusalem. It commands magnificent views to the west, and also to the valleys and hills to the east. It is home to a yeshiva named Kinor David (David's Harp) headed by Rabbi Mordechai Hershkop for students wanting to study music.
Ateret faces Rawabi on the east, the first Palestinian planned city in the Shomron with a host of multi-storey buildings lining its horizon.

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Rawabi and Pre-Statehood Palestinian Flag Flying AdjacentModern Palestinian City Rawabi Opposite AteretPanorama 1 from AteretView from AteretPanorama 2 from AteretPanorama of Ateret