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Created 28-Mar-18

Amid the viciousness of a world chorusing for Israel to be carved up suicidally into "Two States" (two-state-solution), the Torah reminds us that (every) man was created in God's image (Genesis 1:27).
In the situation that the Jew of Israel finds himself in these days, vilified by the whole world, it is easy to see things as black and white. However despite the defensiveness at the political level against continual attacks by Muslims, there is the perspective of the world composed of individuals rather than political entities.
Recently I was reminded of this when fortuitously I met with Adnan Khaled, a charming Muslim surveyor from the north of Israel. Adnan has a genuine curiosity about people and religion, and works with a varied cross-section of Jews. He discussed most enthusiastically with me the contents of the recent Parshiot Hashavua (weekly readings from the Bible) and messages of the Jewish prophets.
We need to be schizophrenic to maintain our sanity and rationality in this part of the world!
Adnan Khaled 1Adnan Khaled 2