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Created 22-Oct-19

Every Simchat Beit Hashoeva has Music 191014-1Simchat Beit Hashoeva Table 191014-1Holding Aravot (Willow Twigs) Before Beating 191020-8Looking for an Etrog 191013-1Hoshana Prayers 191020-4Examining Etrog 191013-7Kohanim Preparing to Bless the Congregants  191020-2Kapparos Donations-191007-2Holding the Four Species 191020-2Sukkah Celebrations Spill Over to Tree 191018-2Visitors to Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles  191015-2Koishele Holders for Hadassim and Aravot 191013-1Happy Seller of Four Species 191012-1Kapporot Donation Market Beit Shemesh 191008-1Red Sukkah Decoration 191017-4Beating the Aravot 191020-1Holding Aravot (Willow Twigs) Before Beating 191020-7Holding the Four Species 191020-1Color of Market 191013-4Festival Curtain for Aron Hakodesh 191020-2