Acquiring Photographs

Photographs are available for purchase at varying costs depending on the type of photograph and the intended use (licensing).

Photo (Product) acquisitions are initiated through the Buy button.

Types of Products Available

Photos are expressed in a particular medium, and this medium is referred to as the "Product".

The most common Product on the site is by downloading the photo file (Download).

The next most common Product offered on the site is a specified size printing of the photo on paper (Print). 

Other types of Products are being added.

Free Photos

Some photos are free. We are planning to expand the range of free photos offered. These photos are for personal use only.

Even if the photo is free, it needs to be "bought". In this case, the price is 0.

A Collection containing free photos will indicate this in the caption for the Collection.

Buy Option

The Buy option for a single photo is found in the top left menu for that photo.








Multiple photos can be chosen with the SELECT PHOTOS button










before clicking the Buy button to purchase multiple photos.










It is encumbent upon the purchaser to specify the correct license for their intended use of the photo download.

Details of licenses are found in the Licensing page. (For questions and clarifications, please email [email protected]).

Unlicensed or underlicensed use of photos is liable to court action or compensation to the value of five times the shortfall in licensing dues.