Purchasing a Photo Product

Photo product sets are produced in three countries: USA, Israel and Australia—with corresponding payment currencies for each. Each country has its own product set.

Making a purchase involves selecting a photo, selecting the currency, choosing the product on which you want the photo, adding it to the cart, and selecting a shipping method before completing checkout.

To purchase a photo product:
1. From the photo gallery of your choice  
2.  Click on one photo to select it. .
3.  Click BUY to select a product type. .
4.  First however, click SETTINGS (upper right corner) to define the Currency for the cart   
          See Note below.

5.  Select the product .

6.  Click CROP to define the part of the photo to be included on your product   .

7.  Click ADD TO CART  

8. To add another product to the basket, repeat the process, skipping the currency setting (Step 4) because a cart can have only one currency.

9.  When you are ready, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.   
A shipping estimate is shown, but your shipping options will show just before completing the checkout.

Note: It is important to confirm the currency in SETTINGS as this defines the products available. The Shipping Destination should preferably match the currency to limit shipping costs.
Other currency combination options are: